How We Started

The Story of Blackjack Industrial began during our founder’s years as a firefighter on Engine 21, nicknamed The Blackjack, in Phoenix AZ.

During his years in service, our founder Chris faced one major frustration that affected him and his fellow firefighters – a lack of innovation when it came to safety products, specifically hands free lighting. Chris took that cause into his own hands.

When firefighters are in the thick of it, when they are surrounded by suffocating black smoke and searing heat, they need all the help they can get to be able to see clearly. Sure hand-held flashlights existed, but to do their job safely, and effectively, as well as for those that they are saving, they need to have their hands free as well.

Situations exactly like this are why Chris invented his first fire helmet brackets which allowed him and his fellow firefighters to safely secure their lights to their helmets.

The invention quickly grew in popularity. Soon, the product, called the “The Blackjack” became THE standard in structural firefighting and was trusted by firefighters in countries all over the world. Over the years, other versions built upon what Chris first made out of necessity. During this time, Chris was approached by many Wild Land firefighters looking for a better solution to keep their headlamps on their helmets. This lead directly to the creation of the “Blackjack Double Down” and the “Blackjack Industrial” hard hat/helmet clips.

Now, Blackjack Industrial thermoplastic hard hat clips have grown into a game-changing safety innovation for anyone who wears a hard hat or helmet, and needs hands free lighting because they work in dark or low light environments on a worldwide scale.

Our Values

OVERKILL IS UNDERRATED™ when safety and lives are on the line, which is why Blackjack Industrial products are over-designed for ultimate dependability.

We believe you deserve to focus on the job in front of you, and not worry if your headlamp or goggles will be there when you need them.


Each clip is molded from our proprietary thermoplastic blend that was originally developed to withstand temperatures found inside structure fires and has been tested to over 900 degrees.


Most methods of retrofitting a hard hat leave you vulnerable to serious injury or electrocution. Blackjack Industrial hard hat clips preserve the integrity of your hard hat to keep you safe.


You break it, we replace it. End of Story. No questions asked. All hard hat clips come with a lifetime warranty. Don’t throw your away your hard earned money.


When you need to see and your headlamp or goggles are thrown out of position, you place yourself at serious risk. Blackjack Industrial’s hard hat clips keep your gear in place so you can focus on the task at hand.


Keep your gear secure for just 15.95


Keep your gear secure for just 15.95.